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Let's cut to the chase – we want to know what you want, what you're looking for. So rather than go on out about how many years we have been in business (32 if you're interested) and what makes us special (publishing passion and service with a smile), get in touch with Robert, Claire and the team and we'll see how our solutions can meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

We're a lucky bunch. We love what we do – producing our flagship publication EOS magazine and working with a select number of clients including Canon UK – and take huge pride in our work. Writing is a passion, especially when it's photography-related. We're a small company with a dozen members of staff. This means that individually we have to be versatile and together we form an adaptable and close-knit team.

Robert Scott Publishing is based in Tackley, near Kidlington. We operate out of four converted farm buildings on the old Manor Farm site. Two of our buildings celebrate their 400-year birthdays in 2016. We have cows for neighbours and can't complain either about the views across the Oxfordshire countryside.

So if you have a project you need help with – whether it's a magazine, catalogue or fulfilment service, or want to draw on some of the best technical photography knowledge around – let's start a conversation. Say hello.

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