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Our publishing pedigree

Passionate about print

EOS magazine is our bread and butter. We're on the eve of its 21st birthday and it remains true to its core – a high quality print magazine for Canon EOS camera owners.

We look after almost everything in-house, from researching and writing to proofreading and design. We know how to put a print publication together and how to communicate with our audience. Subscribers are also looked after in-house and treated as individuals. After all, where would we be without them?

These days publishing isn't just about print. We work with key partners to deliver digital and app versions of our magazine to worldwide audiences.

So if you have a magazine you would like us to turn our attention to, an idea for a new book or a catalogue that needs pulling together, contact us and we would love to inject our passion for publishing into your project.

Let us publish your:

Books, magazines, catalogues, brochures

We can deliver:

Design, editing, proofreading, research, subscription management, creativity, originality and the personal touch

You will get:

Experienced editorial skills, style and substance, dedicated customer service support

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